Having manufactured magic parts for leading distributors worldwide, we have an extensive range of tooling and production facilities for bespoke products from design to final production.

0101 AFP2012011 Fly Paddle 0202 AFP2012012 Ice cube 0303 AFP2012013 Magic hat
0404 AFP2012014 Rabbit puppet 0505 AFP2012015 Sponge rock 0606 AFP2012016 Sponge rabbits
0707 AFP2012017 Metal spring 0808 AFP2012018 Dynamic coins 0909 AFP2012019 Haunted key
1010 AFP2012020 Chain with locks 1111 AFP2012021 See from far 1212 AFP2012022 Mind reading blocks
1313 AFP2012023 Mind reading cube 1414 AFP2012024 Spiked coin 1515 AFP2012025 Magic wand
1616 AFP2012026 Crystal box 1717 AFP2012027 Thumb and silk 1818 AFP2012028 Pen with clip
1919 AFP2012029 Deck of cards (Svengali, Marked,Wizard, etc.) 2020 AFP2012030 Cups with balls 2121 AFP2012031 Rainbow bricks
2222 AFP2012032 Escape box 2323 AFP2012033 Floating Match 2424 AFP2012034 Dice Bomb